Massacre Of Masters LP 1990
Label: Trasher Production #: TPLP001 Country: Brazil
Info: Sao Paulo compilation presenting 4 obscure bands with no other known vinyl releases (same goes for the label). Suffers from the usual ultra-thin production values. Includes 2 sided insert with pics & band-bios.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HELLKRUZHER - Trashman
  Sounds like a sloppy Second Hell on 45. Nice fast speed/thrash riffing though playing- and productionwise a trainwreck.
2. HELLKRUZHER - Hellkruzher
  Same as above. The vocals are a tad too smurfy for them to be hoarded into the revered Sarcofago/Vulcano-slot.
  "I.N.R.I." and "Piece of Mind" riffs mashed together into a pretty sweet instrumental shorty.
4. CADAVERINA - Travel Without Return
  Raw Thrash of a slightly higher tier than Hellkruzher. Constipated grunter in front of the mic.

Side B:
1. SLANDER - Cursed Pain
  Playing & production takes a big leap forward here, almost reaching average levels. Very Slayer/Sepultura'88-like.
2. SLANDER - Victims Of War
  More mid-pace and Metallica-like this time.
3. OXIDIZER - Damned Disease
  A cool turn for clever Power/Heavy/Speed a lá your US or German act of choice from 3 years earlier. A bit rough around the edges but who cares..
4. OXIDIZER - The Hell's Gates Are Opened
  Great, intricate PowerSpeed instrumental.
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