Massachusetts Metal LP 1988
Label: Var MVP #: VAR-15D Country: USA
Info: Though I don't know when most of the tracks were recorded, this would appear to be more of a retrospective of underground metal from Massachusetts than a picture of the current scene in 1988.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MACE - Rockin' To The Top
  First release by famed guitarist Gary Hoey. Lame hair band chorus, but the rest of the song is pretty good melodic metal.
2. THRUST - White Spikes In The Night
  Quality melodic hard rock like AXE or Y&T.
3. SPIKE RAVEN - Start From The Bottom
  Unremarkable MOTLEY CRUE style song from a band who had much more to offer.
4. THE PACT - Search Your Soul
  Amateur but catchy melodic metal.
5. DRIFTER - Get Me Up
  Energetic NWOAHM style song with a rough JUDAS PRIEST influence.
6. ROCKKIT - Never Say Never
  Definitely the weaker track from their MOTLEY CRUE inspired 1984 single.

Side B:
1. EXACT - Rock On
  Sloppy sleaze metal with Tom Keifer style vocals.
2. FAIL SAFE - The End
3. VOYAGER - Nightmare Fantasy
  Very good glam/melodic rock that sounds a bit like Norway's TNT.
4. LETHAL FURY - Victims Of Confusion
  Great speed metal, even if it's not terribly imaginative.
5. TYRUS - Take Us All Away
  Primitive and unremarkable power/thrash. Bonus track on the CD release of their test press only LP Masters Of Revenge.
6. MACE - Alive
  Big improvement over the other track, this is a solid early VIRGIN STEELE style song. Co-written by Ron Finn who did the cover art for the album.
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