Maple Metal LP 1985
Label: Viper Records #: MVPR-108 Country: Canada
Info: Maple, sure, but not too Metal I'm afraid. Like with Moose Molten Metal it doesn't give a fair view on Canadian Metal as a whole.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  80's party/stadium Hard Rock that just feels stale and anemic.
2. GALLEON - What D'ya Want
  Melodic Metal with a NWOBHM-feel to it.
3. HARLOTT - Angel In The Dark
  A nice, chugging midpacer which ends up more lightweight than needed thanx to the FM-rock production.
4. HAVOC - The Warning
  Great, catchy & upbeat Metal the American way, like a poor man's GLACIER.
5. JADE - Legends Of A Time
  Pretty forgettable melodic Metal/HR with fem vox, i.e. exactly like their albums.

Side B:
1. KID WIKKID - Take A Look At Me
  Slick, mainstream HR. For FM radio only.
2. TITAN - Burnt By The Flame
  A rock-solid Metal lead that's hard not to like despite its lack of originality, especially in this environment. And REAL Metal lyrics too - thank you.
3. TZAR - One Ticket To Paradise
  Nice rugged vocals to a mean, heavy hardrocker. Not sure if it's the same version as on their LP or not.
4. RUE MORGUE - Goin' Down' Rockin'
  "Cruizin down the highway doin 105, got my baby beside me, she's coming alive.." <--that kind of hardrock.
5. VIGILANTS - Run For Cover
  Bland, bandwagon radio-hr.
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