Mainrock Sampler 1 LP 1986
Label: TSB Records #: TSB 517 Country: Germany
Info: This is as perfect a sleeve for an obscure local sampler as WYZARD or BLACK KNIGHT is for Metal - you KNOW when you see a sleeve like this that it will include at least one moment of Metal cool. This seem to be an indie-label driven affair to promote local bands, presumably from the Offenbach/Frankfurt Am Main area. Includes a 12-page A4 booklet w/ band info (STONE AGE/KRISTALL PALAST-pages). The title and text on the back sleeve indicates it was supposed to be the start of a series, but no further volumes are known.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NEW DEAL - 2000 Miles
  Melodic hard rock.
2. STONE AGE - White Witch
  The sizzling keys flying in over the chugging lead riff is a peculiar move, but it works quite well. Great guitar work too in this solid fistpounder, though it takes a few listens to get over the initial disappointment of it not being the WF General-type proto-doomer the band name and title make hints of ...and no, no relation to fellow German obscurists Stoned Age.
3. PARTOUT - Missing Something
  I think this is what they call 'bossanova'.
4. FUNKY FREDDIES - Voll Erwischt
5. SCALES - Hold On

Side B:
1. EFF - Jogging
  Upbeat pop-rock/powerpop.
2. SYS OF CHOI - Seven Years
  Alternative rock.
3. TAKTLOS - Eberhard K.
  Pop-rock w/ a novelty touch.
4. CLITCH - Neue Ritter
5. ENDLOSE NÄCHTE - Doch Ob Sie Kommt
  Bluesy classic rock.
6. KRISTALL PALAST - Das Ist Doch Wahnsinn
  Hard Rock with good, Heavy power chords. There's keyboards, but not overused to the point of bringing it into feared aor-lands.
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