Lituanika '87 LP 1988
Label: Melodia/SF Riga #: C60 26577 009 Country: Lithuania
Info: Recorded live in Vilnius, Lithuania at the festival with the same name. Even if more editions of the festival were held both before and after, this should be the only one which resulted in a vinyl compilation..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AD LIBITUM - Repeticija
  Instrumental Jazz-rock.
2. OPUS PRO - Akmeninis Kirminas
  A slow, almost bluesy hard rock number that's unfortunately not as all-out Metal as some of their other compilation offerings.
3. NAUTILUS POMPILIUS - Naujieji Legionai
4. LYVI - Per Mazai
  Soft, laid-back Hard Rock w/ Keys. Mostly known as LIVI.

Side B:
  New Romantic/Electro pop.
2. ANTIS - Tremtis
  Slow, semi-progressive rock.
3. GUNNAR GRAPS - Tegul Sviesa Lydi Mus
  70's flavoured Hard Rock. Good stuff but not quite as heavy as on the "Polemine" LP.
4. KATEDRA - Aguonos
  Excellent Power/Heavy/Epic Metal with some superb vocal parts. Not as progressive as on their later LPs.
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