Liepājas Dzintars '87 LP 1988
Label: Melodia #: C60 26881 008 Country: Latvia/USSR
Info: Live recordings from a festival held in the Latvian town of Liepāja in 1987, released by Soviet state label Мелодия. (Apparently this was the oldest rock&pop festival in the old Soviet Union, starting out all the way back in 1968!)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
2. CREDO - Diena, Madonna
  Mainstream rock.
3. NEPTŪNS - Romance
  The legacy of this cult act includes some mighty fine, powerful Heavy Metal numbers, so the first acoustic-ballad-minute will make your heart sinks like a rock. Luckily most of the song is great, solemn Metal a la early Aria.
4. ZODIAKS - Vējš
  Upbeat pop-rock.

Side B:
1. PĒRKONS - Būvlaukuma Romance
  Rock w/ some prog moments.
2. PĒRKONS - No Naktssargu Būšanām
  Slow rock/ballad.
3. LĪVI - Dzelzgriezējs
  Deep Purple groove meets a solid Accept-chorus on this one of the better tracks from their self-titled sophomore album.
4. LĪVI - Straume
  A bit more laid back a number with a comfy melodic chorus, also from their 2nd LP. None of these 2 versions are that staggeringly different to the studio versions mind you.
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