Lethal Noise - A Blade Sample LP 1988
Label: Amtal Blade #: BLADE 1 Country: Italy
Info: A funny, semi-obscure comp well worth picking up if you're a fan of primitive Speed/Thrash. Includes an insert w/ the lyrics translated to Italian.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Introduction
  Zynth/techno? A piss-take I'm sure.
2. CREEPIN' DEATH - Anger And Pain
  Intricate and quite "skewed" Metal fitting well into the Late 80's Progressive Power-Thrash pidgeonhole. Originality aside not too special.
3. FINGERNAILS - (Acid) Shadow Of The Blade
  Slightly less Motörhead-sounding than their LP. Really cool & diverse Evil Speed Metal, like Sodom mixed w/ your obscure NWOBHM act of choice.
4. HENKER - Legion Of Dunes
  More Evil Speed Metal, though this time it just sounds like a warmed-over Vectoms or early Onslaught.
5. DESASTER - This Morning I Woke Up Three Times
  Untight and sort of HC-sounding vocal- and performancewise, but musically this is excellent Thrash with both aggression and melody.
6. U.N.S. - Memory Blank
  NY-style hardcore a la Youth Of Today.

Side B:
1. M.A.C.E. - The Beast
  Simple, feel-good Speed/Heavy mixing a teutonic Tyrant/Living Death-sound with Jaguar/Raven NWOBSpeedM.
2. OUTRAGE - Insurrection
  More "Germaniacs". Iron Angel-fans I gather?
3. RAW - Outbreakers
  Half US crossover/half Euro-Speed. A better rhythm section would have improved matters..
4. RANDAGI - Slavery
  Bona-fide "New Renaissance-Thrash" - i.e. fast, primitive & scrrrrreeeechy..
5. CARCINOMA - Distrutto Il Giorno Dopo
  Punky Hard Rock/Hard Rockin' punk or something inbetween. Nice, twangy guitar tone.
6. CARCINOMA - Sangue Caldo
  Funk Rock spoof.
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