Lek I Fullt Alvor LP 1984
Label: Dø-bra Records #: QUL 11 Country: Norway
Info: The title translates roughly "Serious Play" and is also the name of the Rock organization from the town of Lørenskog responsible for this obscure local release. Includes a 16-page folder with lyrics, band info and pics (Black Death, Wolfram & Hard Times pages).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BRUDD - Ære, Blod Og Medaljer
  Much of the guitarwork sounds like classic NWOBHM, but the performance and attitude has more of a quirky pop/rock feel.
2. OPUS 69 - Jailbird (Song Of Misery)
  Pop/rock ballad.
3. BLACK DEATH - How The Last Day Was
  Sorry kids, no obscure Norwegian BM-precurser to be found here. Uneven, awkward Metalrock with female vocals. Quite a disappointment.
4. EGOTRIP - Donald Duck Og Ronald Reagan
  Wavy progressive rock.
5. WOLFRAM - A Falling Star
  Plain NWOBHM-style HR/HM with a "2 minutes to midnight"-sounding lead riff and annoying vocals.

Side B:
1. EXCARION - It's You!
2. PEN UNGDOM - Satan Har Satt Spor
  Good rocker with a touch of hard rock.
4. ZOPP - Tingene Reiser Seg
  Alternative pop.
5. HARD TIMES - You Gotta Hit Me
  Crude, stomping HR with constipated vox that later surprises with some rather fine harmony breaks and Maiden-soloing.
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