Legión Subterranea LP 1991
Label: Discos Cantora #: Pecan 006 Country: Mexico
Info: Includes insert with lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ABRAXAS - Jugando A Perder
  Pummeling rhythm section + grunting vox seem to be the calling-card of olde Mexico-steel, but the riffs and chaotic structure is charming. For fans of the raw & exotic.
2. FORTIA - Sol De La Noche
  Just when you think they've got a good riff going they either go out of tune, make a pointless break or the annoying "vocalist" craps over it. Stylewise some sort of mellow, upbeat trad HM.
  NWOBHM/Ebony Rec-style HM pieced together in a rather peculiar way. Good vocals but sort of abrasive and uncatchy.
4. ALLISTER - Arde Terrible Hermosura
  It's Thrashin' time! Just your basic Slayer/Dark Angel/early Sepultura-stuff with grunting DM-vox.

Side B:
1. FORTIA - Tauromaquia
  Starts out great with solid powerful riffing but the guy just can't sing, sorry. Some nice Maiden-like parts saves the day.
2. ESPANTA PAJAROS - Violencia En La Ciudad
  Some decent classic HM riffs but here the vocals goes out of tune instead. Leaves no lasting impression I'm afraid..
3. ALLISTER - Vida Material
  The better, malicious kind of mid-pace Thrash, more like Infernal Majesty than Testament with neat bursts of speed and tasteful tempochanges. Good shit!
4. ABRAXAS - La Marca De Cain
  More intricate (and better) than their first track. Dunno if to label it chaotic or epic, but it's cool crazy Metal either way..
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