Latinos Y Metalicos LP 1991
Label: Halley Records
#: CPP 930
Country: Argentina
Info: Various Latino-Metal compiled by an Argentinian label, though a Colombian vinyl pressing also exists. Released on CD in 1992 by Avanzada Metalica. There's also a cassette version from Uruguay, including two bonus tracks:
MACBETH - Cruzer La Linea

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RIFF - El Forastero
  Despite being boogie-ish Hard Rock in the early BARON ROJO-vein, it's still an enjoyable tune.
2. FUCK OFF - Inquisición
  That band name always gave me a good chuckle, but musically these spaniard Thrashers played in the international mid-league. Slayer/'tallica-stock with digital drums.
3. CRONOS - Fuego En Mis Venas
  ...a.k.a KRÖNÖS. Not even on their more metallic debut were these Colombians much to write home about imho. This unremarkable 'power ballad' comes from their '91 12" EP which started their more commercial career.
4. PANZER - La Jaula
  Really good NWOBHM-worship with dark, chopping leads a la Holocaust and a superb Satan-meets-Tokyo-Blade melo-chorus. Chile's finest trad-HM act.
5. LETHAL - Rompiendo El Silencio
  Fairly tight, chugging Powerthrash. You know the stuff - too generic & forgettable to bother with comparisons.

Side B:
1. ALAKRAN - En Nadie Confio
  Commercial radio-HR/Dokken-metal that's still better and classier than the genre average.
2. LEGION - Mili-K.K.
  Feel-good but raw party-HR with some thrashy riffing mixed in to make it interesting.
3. TRANSMETAL - Exhumado
  One song at the time these crude Mexican thrashers are pretty cool, like some of the more sick East-Euro stuff like Front, Heller, Bombarder etc. Still can't handle them albumwise tho'.
4. ALVACAST - Lago De Fuego
  A fantastic, pounding anthem from one of SoAm's finest. Best song on comp and one of the best and most epic tunes I've heard by the band.
5. ESCOCIA - No Se Tu Nombre
  Happy HR/powerpoppy rock. What a waste of space :(
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