L.A. Steel LP 1986
Label: Rockcity Records/
#: GWD90519 Country: USA
Info: Not at all as hairy & sleazy as you'd expect from an LA Metal compilation, thank doG. I guess you could consider it a companion to Rockcity Record's New York Metal-84 release from 2 years earlier.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SAVAGE GRACE - Sins Of The Damned
  Sounds like the same version as on "Master Of Disguise", though possibly with a slightly better mix.
2. PANTHER - Set Me Free
  The Jeff Scott Soto-fronted band which released a s/t MLP the same year. From the descriptions I've read on that one this is much heavier. Great, classic US Steel in the style of Chastain and the likes.
3. BITCH - Make It Real
  Simple Harn'n'Heavy with a fair amount of punch. Different to "Be My Slave" LP version.
4. LACE - Knightmares
  Uptempo Metal sounding like it could be the heaviest song from a more "hairy" act. Good though.
5. CIRITH UNGOL - I'm Alive
  An '86 version would have been interesting, but if it ain't broken..? From their 1981 "Frost And Fire" LP.

Side B:
1. PANDEMONIUM - Evil Face
  Fierce & powerful Metal hammering rusty nails of steel into your skull! Trumps anything else by these otherwise rather mid-league post-Alaskians imho.
2. STAINLESS STEEL - Going Deaf For A Living
  Rockin' HR/Metal that only fit into the "LA Metal"-slot in parts. There's a hint of Accept/NWOBHM-grit that makes them more interesting.
3. RUTHLESS - Gates Of Hell
  One of the best songs from this rather one-dimensional US Power act. Same as "Metal Without Mercy" MLP version.
4. STORMTROOPER - Armies Of The Night
  Angry & mean Metal with a great F-U vibe to them (think a more metallic Mentors). Same as the MLP version.
5. SAVAGE GRACE - Bound To Be Free
  The US Power Metal gods being as delicious as ever. Again, same as "Master Of Disguise" version.
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