La Respuesta LP 1987
Label: Tucan Records #: LP-ST-F-002 Country: Venezuela
Info: A selection of rather typical late 80's mainstream rock fare, only of marginal interest to Metal collectors.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KASHMIR - No Se Decir Adiós
  Soft-rock ballad.
2. RADIO CLIP - Natasha
  Schmalzy pop-rock.
3. ARKANGEL - Parte De Mí
  Slick ballad that will make "Rock Nacional"-fans weep in despair to the sound of keyboards and a saxophone. No shame on Paul Gillman though, as he had fled the band years before.
4. ALTA FRECUENCIA - Bajo Presión
  Rock ballad.
5. IBIZA - No Estoy Vivo
  Funky pop.

Side B:
1. ALTA FRECUENCIA - Tú Vencerás
  Chugging solid 80's mainstream Metal like the Ozzy- or slicker J.Priest-moments of the time. Noticably heavier than their cover/classic rock album from 1984.
2. ARKANGEL - Conmigo Estarás
  Melodic hard rock that isn't a complete commercialized failure. There's definitely touch of better melo-NWOBHM in there.
3. IBIZA - Recuerdos
  Radio-friendly pop-rock.
4. KASHMIR - No Puede Ser
  Mellow hard/soft rock w/ keys.
5. RADIO CLIP - ¿Qué Nos Separa?
  Soft rock.
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