KSHE 95 Seeds Vol. II LP 1981
Label: Sweetmeat Records #: SM 8101 Country: USA
Info: Second of two compilations from St. Louis, MO radio station KSHE 95. This one usually gets the most attention, but the first volume is actually far better and heavier.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MADALLION - Help Us Kick Out The Jams
  Rootsy southern rock.
2. JEFFREY TYLER - Arrested
  Bad southern rock.
3. RITCHIE CALISON - Round And Round
  Almost hard rock, but a little too much BAD COMPANY.
4. SPECTRE - High Street Blues
  Bluesy hard rock.
5. ACHILLES - Heavy Metal King
  Rough early RIOT sound, similar to ARMOR's track on the first KSHE Seeds compilation. Not very good, but the lyrics and high pitched scream in the chorus make me think of NIGHTIME FLYER.

Side B:
  Melodic rock with some great guitar work. Features former members of PAVLOV'S DOG and HEAD EAST.
2. FOOLS FACE - Something About The Rain
  Mellow reggae rock that actually doesn't suck.
3. JEFF ZANLEY - Think About Me
  Sixties style pop/rock.
4. JIM LANIER - Say Goodbye
  Soft rock.
5. BANASTRE TARLTON - And She's My Favorite Girl
  More retro rock in the style of THE KINKS.
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