Kristianstadrock Volym 2 LP 1983
Label: MaNi Musik #: 8306-000-02 Country: Sweden
Info: 2nd and last vinyl installment of local hopefuls from the town of Kristianstad, though the back sleeve mentions a vol. 3 released on cassette only.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NOVEMBER - Get Away
  Jazzy "talented music-school" pop.
2. FOTFOLKET - Du Är Min Sort
3. STRAX - Natten Är Kort
  Ska pop.
4. SEPPO IHME - She (Doesn't Belong To Me)
  Melodic rock.
  Slow, bluesy rock.
6. ÖRTS ARRÅN - Våldtäkt
  Alternative semi-ballad.

Side B:
1. JOHNNY HAZARDS - Just Words
  Soft rock.
2. AGENT ALLAN - Lycklig I Svart
  Pretty decent Joy Division-style goth rock.
3. B.M.T. - Who Killed This World
  Good amateur-hour Hard Rock with a melancholic vibe.
4. ÄNGLAR - Änglar
  Alternative pop w/ fem vox.
5. IRONSIDE - The Ironsides
  Rabid early Maiden-Steel with Motörhead-teeth, growing into an epic, fist-held-high singalong anthem in the 2nd half, bound to destroy you! (My fave Swedish mixed-comp-Metal tune ever, possibly together with IQ Zero's "Murderer" from Pang I Bygget)
6. ANDRA BEHOV - Det Som Väntar
  Crunchy punk/post-punk.
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