Koppop LP 1980
Label: Pink Point Music #: pplp.0101 Country: Holland
Info: Explains itself in the subtitle "Popgroepen uit de kop van noord holland" = Pop groups from the north of North Holland ...though thankfully it includes more Rock than most self-proclaimed "Rock" compilations.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Melancholic Heavy/HR with an organ from the 70's and a quite ripping, crunchy bridge. Almost as great as their awesome band name.
2. GRACE - Chop Chop
  The less pompy bits of Meat Loaf w/ fem vox.
3. TEQUILA - The Brown And Black Shirts
  Rock w/ a 60's pop touch.
4. SHORELINE - Rumours
  Classic rock.
5. RED POINT - I Can See It By Your Eyes
  Melodic rock.
6. CROSS-BAND - Bad Times
  Boogie rock.

Side B:
1. SESAM - Jaimy
  Fem-fronted classic rock.
2. MATCH - You Walked Out Of Me
  Disco-pop with bzoingy synths.
3. BLACK FLAME - Escape
  The brutal lead riff and the vocals have an even more sinister edge than their great proto-Metal 7" from 1978 - then the kooky circus-prog chorus hits the fan and seriously threatens the HM-status of the track. Fuck it, it's at least as Metal as when Death SS covered Agony Bag = highly Corroseum-endorsed weirdness.
4. TOTH ZANDU - This Time I'm Through With You
  Boogie rock w/ garage rock guitars.
5. RAZOR BLADE - Can't Stop Us Now
  Promising band name --> poppy classic rock disappointment.
6. SHOKE - Got To Go To Work
  Sappy 70' mainstream rock.
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