KNAC Presents: Son of Pure Rock LP 1988
Label: Rampage #: R1 70083 Country: USA
Info: Sequel to the popular Pure Rock LP from L.A.'s hard rock radio station 105.5 FM KNAC. Also on CD and cassette.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHALET - Can't Knock The Lady
2. GUY MANN-DUDE - Riff Rock 'N Rebel
  VAN HALEN-like guitar centered instrumental.
3. CRISIS - Call Of The Wild
  Decent and fairly heavy female fronted hard rock/metal like LEE AARON's early material. Not to be confused with, well, any other band named CRISIS.
4. ENTICIER - One Way Ticket
  Typical L.A. metal (OK, many would call it glam).
5. GRAN MAX - Inner City
  Arena style hard rock a bit like SKID ROW. Guitarist Steve Myers is the only member remaining from the two LPs they released in the 70s.

Side B:
1. ANGORA - Shake, Shake
  Sleaze rock like AEROSMITH. Singer John Corabi would later front MOTLEY CRUE.
2. GRAVE DANGER - Hellraiser
  One of the heaviest tracks here, though sadly not as much as the band name and song title would imply. Rather, this reminds me of ROUGH CUTT. A continuation of the band FIERCE HEART, they recorded an album for MCA but it was never released.
3. FIGHTER - After The Fire
  Commercial metal in the vein of LEATHERWOLF or FIFTH ANGEL. Not the same as the Christian AOR band.
4. ACES & EIGHTS - Black Roses
5. SUDDEN IMPACT - Poisoned Minds
  Refreshingly dated metal with strong female vocals. The riffing is NWOBHM inspired proto-thrash though the rest of the music is more polished.
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