KLOS 95 1/2: Rock to Riches LP 1983
Label: Starstream #: RTR-8348 Country: USA
Info: Second volume, though it is not stated anywhere on the record itself. Los Angeles based KLOS was one of 60 US radio stations participating in the Miller High Life 'Rock to Riches' Talent Search. Comes with insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BRIGHTON - Take Another Look
  Hard pop/rock.
2. CAUGHT IN THE ACT - Caught In The Act
  Hard AOR.
3. STRONGHOLD - Stronghold
  Solid hard rock with hints of something lighter like FOREIGNER or WHITESNAKE.
4. ROCKWAY - Don't Be So Serious
  Hard and fast, but still just AOR.
5. THE PLADS - Teenage Situation
  Another Alaskan band who, like PANDEMONIUM, traveled to California to try their luck. Catchy NWOAHM with a fun STRAY CATS twist. Bassist Tom Ferry later played for BLACK ICE. (taken from their "Domine Deus" MLP from the same year, reviewed here)

Side B:
1. ROUGH CUTT - Try A Little Harder
  A band that usually gets lumped in with the L.A. hair crowd, this is actually powerful DIO style metal.
2. NUHAVEN - Adultress
  Very amateur but charming L.A. metal.
3. LONDON'S SCARLETT - You And Your Money
4. WISEGUY - Everybody's In Love
  Power pop ballad.
5. COOK'N - All You Want
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