Klipp-Rock Vol. 1 LP 1987
Label: Ox-Ljud #: LP-0001 Country: Sweden
Info: On the east coast of Sweden lies the town of Oxelösund, from which this obscure-looking mixed affair originates. One of the most interesting but also harder-to-find Swedish local compilations. Followed up by, or possibly accompanied by a 7" volume 2.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TRES HOMBRES - Dressed To Please
  Heavy blues rock.
2. TRES HOMBRES - Red Italian
  ZZ Top-style blues rock.
3. STEEL ARROWS - Love Is A Game
  A simply fantastic, ultra-catchy melodic Metal tune in a style similar to Sadwings, Blacksmith, Proud etc. Thankfully no relation to the disappointing "Loud Guitars" 7" guys with the same name.
4. STEEL ARROWS - Man Of Loose
  Another 'ballad B-side' I'm afraid, though not the worst in the genre.
5. KAKA - Folk-Punk Medley
  Punk cover of Swedish 1800-century song writer Bellman's "Fredmans Song N:o 21".

Side B:
1. KAKA - Egypten Reggae
  Melodic punk rock.
2. SHOTGUNS - Proud Mary
  Without a doubt one of the most limpwristed versions of the song ever recorded.
3. SHOTGUNS - Some Day I'll Return
  Incredibly lame soft pop.
4. HELS - Caos [sic] On Earth
  While none of the Doom from their hightly coveted '85 debut 7" is present, this is still excellent Heavy Metal sounding like a particularly heavy mix of early Gotham City and Heavy Load.
5. HELS - Living Dead
  Another excellent addition to the family of songs with a Halloween-theme, this even heavier number is my fave out of their 4 recorded tracks.
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