The KGON Album LP 1980
Label: KGON Radio #: KGON-9201 Country: USA
Info: Various Oregon-acts compiled by the local radio station KGON 92 FM. Includes an insert w/ band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WHIZKEY STIK - Dirty Words
  Compelling, groovy 70's rock though not quite in the lineage of HM-to-be.
2. THE BRATS - You're So Cute
  Good time rock'n'roll w/ a garage-edge.
3. LEGEND - Too Late To Turn Back
  No, not them unfortunately. More 70's rock.
4. LAYCE - Fat Man
  Wailing hardish rock.
5. BILLY SCREAM BAND - Pretty Girls
  Wavy rock a la The Knack.
6. NO EXIT - Bomb The Discos
  The guy sings about exploading the dancefloor in "Heavy Metal FIREEEEEE!!!!..." and though it's nowhere near HM I still give it 2 thumbs up for good intentions. A little gem for us novelty-song fans.

Side B:
1. SEQUEL - Gossip
  Boring uppety rock.
2. SLEEZY PIECES - Meltdown
  Weird but dreary "blues-wave".
3. KID - Outlaw
  Boogie but ballsy Hard Rock similar to overseas comrades Chevy, Samson, Vardis etc..
  Generic boogie rock with quite distorted guitars.
5. FELIX - Calendar Girl
  Awful sappy pop-rock.
6. CRYSYS - My Desire
  An excellent and notably different version from the one on their outstanding Hard As Rock LP from one year later. Apart from having a different vocalist it's also not as raw and NWOAHM-ragin', but rather a more groovy and less straight-forward affair - in the best of ways I assure you. (I think you'll have to set me up with a copy of this one, Keir!)
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