Kent Rocks LP 1981
Label: White Witch Records #: WIT KR 101 Country: England
Info: Considering the inclusion of no less than 3 numbers in the much collectable minimal synth/wave subgenre I'm surprised this one isn't even more scarce and expensive. Nonetheless, one of the better mixed UK comps and fairly well deserving of its cult rep.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RENEGADE - Last Warrior
  A more developed and imo superior number than the ones on their debut 12" EP. Enticing, primordial NWOBHM like a progsier Bleak House w/ added keys.
2. STIF CREMONA - People Like You
  Alternative rock.
3. MICROGRAMMA - Bus To Amsterdam
  Minimal synth instrumental.
4. DERVISH - Cyclone
  Rumbing, classic NWOBHM a la early Sledgehammer or Saxon at their most furious, spiced up by a sweet Sabbath'y break in the middle. Later featured on the 2001 retrospect compilation LP "Some Monsterism" by OPM Records.
5. LEGEND - Heaven Sent
  The B-side from their 1981 7" is a solid Metal semi-ballad the way Maiden used to hammer them out in their prime.

Side B:
1. DEMON PACT - Escape
  Great Metal chug that, like on their rageing 7", elevates well above the UK baseline thanx to the grim, angry vocals of Mark Maxwell. Later featured on a Hades Paradise boot in 2006 and then on an official HRR compilation in 2010..
2. K.C.B. - Tomorrow
  Decent, poppy punk.
  Spacey, lo-fi, psych/wave with noisy guitars a la Lou Reed/Velvet Underground.
4. SHANE - My Song
  Dreamy minimal synth, now with vocals.
5. REPLACEABLE HEADZ - Primeval Ooze
  Psychedelic/experimental electro-stuffs.
6. RAW DEAL - Cut Above The Rest
  Thanx to the fact that it's pretty much only one rageing, rocking riff throughout the whole song, those 5+ minutes seem to fly by.
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