KCAL/CANHC Homegrown Benefit Album LP 1980
Label: Ameritone #: A-1365 Country: USA
Info: A radio compilation featuring local artists from the Riverside and San Bernadino counties in California, including a few borderline metal entries. Sales of the record benefitted the Riverside chapter of the California Association for Neurologically Handicapped Children.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE TOE JAM BAND - Which Way To Ride
  Folk/country with a disco beat.
2. SOLOMON KANE - Fox Hunt
  Hard rock with folk elements, sort of like a female-fronted LED ZEPPELIN. Very likely the same band that appeared as SOLOMAN KANE on The Sound Of Hollywood Girls.
3. NEO PARIS AND THE FUTURES - I Wanna Be Your Friend
4. ICE - A Night In L.A.
  Obvious HEART influence, but with a bit more crunch to the guitars.
5. RAMPAGE - My Rose
  A great epic buildup in each chorus, nearly ruined by the comparatively soft verses.

Side B:
1. WIREZ - Mindsite
  More hard rockish proto-metal sounds, similar to SAMSON.
2. BULLET BOYS - Heartbreak Queen
  Annoyingly bouncy powerpop. No relation to the hair/sleaze band of the same name.
3. SHAG NASTY - Teaser
  Hard rock/pop like KISS.
4. AVANTE - Bye Bye Rock N' Roll
  Decent boogie rock, shame about the drum solo.
5. NUMBERS - Did You Know
  Theatrical prog rock that has some intermittently heavy guitar work but mostly earns its metal label from its over-the-top presentation.
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