Kanto vs. Kansai LP 1985
Label: Kow-Sin Agency #: KOW-L85001 Country: Japan
Info: Japanese title: Kanto 宣戦布告 Kansai
Kanto and Kansai are 2 regions in Japan with some historic cultural rivalry, hence the title. Solid NWOJHM release with yet another Slayer, so of course you're curious. 2-sided insert with lyrics and pics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SLAYER - Shoot Down Tokyo
  While they bare no similarities to the L.A. edition I guess stylewise they're not miles away from their S.A. namesakes. A bit more NWOBHM-flavour to this FAAO* though.
(*= Fast Archetypical Album Opener)
2. SLAYER - Hurt Angel
  'Gentle' would be the best word to describe this very Japanese form of softy HR.
3. 麗's - Requiem
  Very keyboard-dominated Hard Rock that doesn't suck.
4. 麗's - Resurrection
  A change of tempo for the better and now they're a perfect mix of Silver Mountain'ish guitar-Metal, neo-classicism and 'Weird Japan'.
5. STORM BRINGER - ラブ ファイヤー [Love Fire]
  Even closer to that Type-A Purple/Scandinavian melodic but heavy sound most associated with mid 80's Japan. Surely on par with the best moments of Terra Rosa or Breeze Least.

Side B:
1. VIRGIN KILLER - Midnight Lady
  Solid NWOHM like Grim Reaper, early Loudness and few hundred others..
2. VIRGIN KILLER - Break Down
  More of a riff-driven affair that pays homage to the same band that their band name and logo pays homage to and does it very well.
3. PANDORA - Kiss And Kiss
  Albeit a bit amateurish, some of the guitars have these excellent, exotic & original qualities. Then there's this really silly chorus which just sounds foreign & corny, ruining everything.
4. PANDORA - Romance Messenger
  Dull ballad.
5. STORM BRINGER - ダークスカイ [Dark Sky]
  The flutesy keys bring an almost prog feel to this the softer of their 2 numbers. Quite Purple-sounding still.
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