Just Say No! LP 1989
Label: Directions #: DIR 230 Country: France
Info: Underground bands from all corners of France, driven by their call to proudly fight The War On Drugs! ...or just to get their music out on any sort of semi-proper label I guess.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ANYWAY - Face Au Monde
  Good, classy melodic HR/Metal, bit like Satan Jokers or Voie De Fait at their best.
2. DARKEN - The Gravedigger
  Mystic, heavy & rumbling Metal that, even though being sloppily performed and sung in French, still feels American. Could be the high vocals..
3. FOOLS - Dance (1987)
  Mid 80's Van Halen-style radio-HR.
4. HARFANG - Quest For Sanity
  Epic Power Metal time! A style not heard too often from the French 80's, this could be nicked straight off Riot's "Thundersteel" or "Privilege.."-session.

Side B:
1. INSIDE - Forever
  Soft, melodic aor/hr with what sounds like a rather voung & nervous singer.
2. JUMPER LACE - The Ass Of Lace
  Top-class, rocking Heavy Metal with a great sing-a-long chorus! (the Accept-brand of sing-a-long). Featured on their 1991 CD, though I'm not sure if it's the same version or not.
3. SCARCROW - Tonight (the power of my love)
  Melodic HR/HM standard with hoarse fem vox.
4. SILVER SWORD - Dorian
  Another US Metal-sounding piece. Mid-pace, pounding Steel of Rock in the tried & true style of bands like Vicious Rumors, CJSS, Fifth Angel etc..,
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