Just'in Power LP 1987
Label: Just'in #: 10018 Country: France
Info: Odd mix of bands from various European countries, some exclusive and some licensed from different labels. Cassette version has four bonus tracks.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHARIOT - Screams The Night
  Well done late NWOBHM like a rough around the edges IRON MAIDEN. Live version that is from the same recording as the 1986 Sweating Blood: Live At The Marquee VHS.
2. CHROMOSOME V - Public Enemy
  Has that VENOM influenced early German speed/thrash sound, though I think they're actually French. Suffers from a really poor production.
3. GRAVESTONE - Masters Of The Earth
  Classic German power metal.
  German heavy metal that sounds like a more commercial RUNNING WILD. Recorded during a live performance on Swiss TV.
  The kind of generic German metal that gives the Gama/Scratch label a bad name.
6. NO TROUBLE - Rock'n'Roll Heart
  More generic German metal, but with a nice melodic chorus.

Side B:
1. PALASS - The End
  Awesome power metal without the bad vocals that most Belgian bands suffer from.
2. STALLION - In Search Of Power
  Great French metal that falls somewhere between IRON MAIDEN and LIZZY BORDEN.
3. FYPE - You & Me For Love
  Hard AOR/glam.
4. THUNDERSTICK - Don't Touch, I'll Scream
  Female fronted AOR from the SAMSON drummer's band. This was the title track of their unreleased second LP.
5. TYRANT - Rock Your Bottom
  One of the weaker tracks from the German ACCEPT worshippers.
6. VULCAIN - Just For A Night
  Decent MOTORHEAD metal from France.
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