Jarocin '88 3LP 1989
Label: Polskie Nagrania Muza #: SX 2777/9 Country: Poland
Info: The Jarocin Festival in Poland was the oldest and largest rock festival held behind the iron curtain back in the days and to my knowledge this hefty tripple album was the only vinyl release documenting it. Check out this Wikipedia article on the festival for an interesting read.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WIELKANOC - (W Oczekiwaniu Na) Nowy Dzien
  Jazzy pop.
2. KOLABORANCI - Transparentyzm (Brzydkie Haslo) A Potem
4. DRAGON - Armagedon
  Technical and intricate Thrash with some really nice riffing thrown in the mix.

Side B:
1. WOLF SPIDER - It's Only Vodka
  More technical Thrash, now with some Power Metal bits that enhances the listening experience.
2. DEKRET - Dyrektorzy Fabryk
3. JAPA'S BOYS - Telewizyina Gra
4. OPOZYCJA - Szczelnie Okryty Obojetnoscia
  Alternative rock.
5. BLIZTKRIEG - Remarque
  Alternative rock.

Side C:
1. ZIYO - Graffiti
  Goth rock.
2. STOS - Czas Wilka
  Female fronted Power/Heavy in style of countrymen Turbo's "Kawaleria Szatana" LP. Later appeared as bonus track on a CD reissue of the debut LP.
3. NON IRON - Kazdy Co To Powie
  Hard Rock with both some decent, melodic guitarwork and some r'n'r parts.
4. YANKO - Maku Ja Nie Sieje
  New wave.
5. OBRAZY NIEBA - Na Bialej Scianie
  Alternative pop.

Side D:
1. BOGDAN SOLAK - Perelki I Zlotestruny
  Soft guitar-instrumental.
3. BLUSTRO - Czama Lady
4. TURBO - Aniol Zla
  A much faster and more brutal version than the one on the "Ostatni Wojownik" LP. Almost sounds like Sadus here. Great!
5. BRUNO WATPLIWY - Czekam, Czekam, Czekam
  Pretty cool post-punk/goth rock.

Side E:
1. RECYDYWA - Nasze Boogie
  Speed Rock. They have some Motörhead in them here, but it's possible this band came from the punk/garage end of the stick.
2. ELSIE - Nagle Wtargniecie
  Instrumental, jazzy/proggy rock.
3. HARRI KRISHNA - Krwawy Taniec
  New wave.
4. PROGRAM TRZY - It's Impossible
  New wave.

Side F:
1. ZIELONE ZABKI - List Do Andrzeja
2. HAMMER - Mask
  Vio-lence/Forbidden-school "US Thrash".
3. FREE BLUES BAND - Everybody Wants To Know
  Blues rock.
4. GUTTA PETTIT - Godzina 21.30. Ciemno
  New wave.
5. SYJON - Obledny Maraton
  Wavy reggae.
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