It's Unheard Of! LP 1984
Label: Sane Records #: SANE 002 Country: Wales
Info: "14 full power Heavy Metal / Rock tracks", though the overall feel is that of D.I.Y. and punk spirit rather than 'full power' if you ask me. Not a bad thing tho'! Unfortunately several of the featured names won't be the bands you hope they are.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. INCUBUS - Lost Soul
  A sad opening, both lyricswise and due to the fact that it's a ballad. Some heavy guitars for good measure, but still... Not the Guardian Rec. act.
2. RUNESTAFF - The Games You Play
  Damn cozy, low-key melodic NWOBHM in the Demon-school. Here with male vocals as opposed to their fem-fronted LP.
3. PYRAMID - Time Forgets A Hero
  Super-british garage-HR with a stiff upper lip, once again reminiscent of Demon, if only in mood.
4. AVALANCHE - Night Creeper
  A tune that sounds like its title. Simple yet charming, sneaky Heavy Rock.
5. DED ENGINE - Renegade
  The sole US contribution is indeed the same Pentagram/Grudge Records recording act we know from before. This punky stomper of a song sound even more punky in this demo version.
6. RESEARCH DEPT. - Mrs. Poe
  Spazztic wavy rock'n'roll with rigid David Byrne-style vocals. Why?!
7. HAMMERHEAD - Lochinvar
  A slow-to-uptempo epic piece that's a hell of a lot more memorable than their 7".

Side B:
1. CRY WOLF - Seventh Sister
  Great, catchy rock that's just as much power pop as it is NWOBHM. No relation to "The First Twelve Inches" EP guys.
2. SHYLOCK - Egypt
  Heavy & rocking stuff sounding like ancient mid-70's Priest when they merely wanted to outheavy Led Zeppelin.
3. TRIDENT - The Power Of The Trident
  The heaviest and most stylistic NWOBHM-contribution here is a very likeable Blitzkrieg/Hollow Ground style piece. Same version as on their 7".
4. NU-TRICX - Cry
  Raw 1st-Maiden-LP guitars explode into a punk rock/NWOBHM crossover hit!
5. SAPPHIRE - Encounter
  Keyboard-driven melodic Hard Rock with a Buzzcocks nerve that makes it very enjoyable.
6. KRAKEN - Rat Race
  A heavy riff-bisquit very much in the vein of Holocaust, so obviously not the quirky "Fantasy Reality" bunch. Still great tho'.
7. INCUBUS - Way Of The World
  ...and so a return to the most boring band on the album. At least this time they present a proper song and try their best to come up with a catchy chorus, but they just don't succeed very well.
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