Is This Heavy Or What? 7" EP 1988
Label: Is This Heavy Or What? Records #: ITHW-EP 001 Country: Sweden
Info: 4 demo Thrash-acts from mid-Sweden compiled by doG knows who..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DAMIEN - Hide And Seek
  Techno-thrash with constipated vocals of the same mediocre brand as on their private 12" from the same year.
2. ATROCITY - Hiding From Tomorrow
  Helloween(old)/Agent Steel fans in their mid-teens. Disarmingly silly and amateurish, yet still sort of enjoyable. These guys later evolved into ROSICRUCIAN.

Side B:
1. TRIBULATION - Pecuniary Aid
  Pre-debut-album-TRIBULATION were one of Sweden's finest and most original Thrash-acts ever imho. Unfortunately the mix of the "Pyretic Convulsions" demo from which this song is taken leaves much to be desired. Not to be confused w/ the 2000+ DM band.
2. GRAVITY - Misanthropic
  Forgettable Thrash-standard.
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Submitted by DaN
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