Iron Tyrants III - The European Blitz Pic-LP 1987
Label: World Metal #: WMR 003 Country: USA
Info: In contrast to the first two Iron Tyrants, volume 3 features all European bands focusing on Germany in particular. Only released as a picture disc as far as I know, and sometimes comes with a bonus 12" picture/shape disc that has MORDOR's "Rock Warrior" on both sides.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CARDINAL SIN - Intro/Get Out
  Cheesy keyboard intro followed by generic but somewhat charming metal with bad vocals. Not sure where they are from, though they would have fit right in on the early D&S German metal compilations.
2. REPRESSION - Invasion
  Average ACCEPT influenced metal that just plods along. Later released on their 1992 Germany Rocks album.
3. NOT FRAGILE - Battle Eagle
  Demo version of this enjoyable speed metal track in the vein of early HELLOWEEN.
4. BLOWIN FREE - Hell's In Danger
  Great Austrian power/speed with high vocals and a distinct US metal feel.

Side B:
1. SUDDEN DEATH - Dust In The Wind
  Gravelly Chris Boltendahl style vocals over more mid-paced German metal. The epic break in the middle tricks you into thinking its going somewhere, but then it's back to the same old thing again.
2. SPLINTER - King Of The Road
  Decent but unremarkable GRAVESTONE style German metal.
3. MASS - Pay It
  Fun German metal with a bit of an old school punk/NWOBHM feel.
4. DAMIEN - Knights Of The Realm
  Finally a change of pace, here we have a Swedish band playing something of a cross between KING DIAMOND and VENOM.
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