Iron Tyrants Waging War (Iron Tyrants II) LP 1986
Label: World Metal Records #: WMR 002 Country: USA
Info: Some copies came w/ a sticker naming the record "Iron Tyrants II". Most bands were from the US, but SABOTAGE were Italian.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STEEL PROPHET - In The Dream
  US Power Metal Pride! High vox galore! Think Helstar or Juggernaut, but awesome.
2. JEWEL FETISH - Out The Door
  Melodic HM/HR, solid musicianship, great vocals & crystal clear production. And it's good!
3. AFTERMATH - Malicious Intentions
  Haunting, rumbling Power Metal. Way better than anything I remember hearing on their albums.
4. THE JAXX - Call Of The Wild
  Too NWOBHM-sounding to be called Sleaze/Street Metal I'd say. Lucky shot?
5. TEMPUS FUGIT - King Of The Realm
  More Classic US Steel. Not bad, but nowhere as great & original as Steel Prophet or Fastuca.

Side B:
1. SABOTAGE - Thru The Dark
  Mighty fine Power Metal with another Halford-wannabe (a good one) on vox. Like with Aftermath this sounds superior to most of their album stuff.
2. ADONIS - Act Of Violence
  Hectic, "hysteric" (?) PowerSpeed with some pretty wild vocals. More cool than great. This one later appeared on The Bailey Brothers Present: Diminished Responsibility LP '87.
3. FASTUCA - The Battle With Rage
  What a treat! Epic, original US Metal at its absolute finest! Proves there's still so much of this stuff worth re-releasing.
4. ALIAS - Authority
  In all senses well performed Melodic Metal/HR but oh so forgettable. (same as album version to these ears)
5. AXIST - Kamikaze Man
  Simple but more than decent Heavy Metal.
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