Iron Tyrants LP 1984
Label: World Metal Records #: WMR 001 Country: USA
Info: The first release from one of the many Azra Records off-shots. Unlike its 2 follow-ups all bands were from the US. Also released on picture disk.
The accompanying, large 8-sided insert was so cool and crammed with info I had to upload the whole damn thing: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TEEZE - Crank It Up
  Ballsy American Rock-Metal at its finest - loud, proud'n'mean.
2. BOSS TWEED - Jacuzzi Murders
  Mighty fine US Metal, heavy as lead! More than a few hints of early Trouble to be heard.
3. POSSESSION - Lady In White
  Outstanding, original Metal! A bit primitive in the vocals & production dept. but it also give them an obscure, unique edge.
4. DEATHSLAYER - Raven's Nest
  More true & honest US Steel! Great olde Power Metal w/ fem vox.
5. ENFORCER - High Treason
  Jag Panzer meets Black Sabbath, accompanied by the heaviest guitars so far - pure Metal Mayhem! Later featured on the "Classic Chicago Metal" CD+DVD released by Stormspell Records in 2009.

Side B:
1. BLACKSTAR - To Your Knees
  A pinch of sleaze in these guys' Metal cauldron, but still very heavy and not bad at all.
2. MESOMORPH - Gonna Rock Your World
  Despite their muscular Manowar-look this is pretty base Hard Rock by this album's standards.
3. TEAZER - Day Zero
  Bares some haunting similarities to nwobhm'sters Blitzkrieg (!) as well as US brothers Black Death. Also featured on the New York Metal-84 compilation.
4. NASTY SAVAGE - Unchained Angel
  Evil demo track from back when they wanted to be the US answer to Mercyful Fate. Later released on the "Wage Of Mayhem" MCD in 2003.
5. TYTON - Castle Donington
  The epic title track of these unsung US Metal Master's debut LP.
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