Infierno Rock MC 1987
Label: CBS Records Chile Ltda. #: KRIA 0796 Country: Chile
Info: While there were 0 (zero) domestic vinyl Metal releases from the Chilean 80's (no, the Chronos promo 7"s are NOT Metal) there seem to have been a few cassettes out on the local market. Surely one of the most important ones was this compilation released on a major label (!) all the way back in 1987. Note that there is also an incredibly rare Argentinian promo-only 12" release in existance featuring 4 of these tracks. It has its own page here.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PANZER - Alerta Roja
  Excellent dark grinding Metal lurking in the Shadows of other SoAm greats like V8, Alta Tensao and Arkangel.
2. PANZER - El Camino
  A bit more anonymous piece of chopping HM.
3. CHRONOS - Armagedón
  Great riff-lego instrumental pending between Speed and that galloping pace that seem to make up the majority of 80's Metal instrumentals.
4. CHRONOS - La Profecía
  Quirky Speed Metal with a haunting M.Fate'y sound and Possessed-like proto-Death toppings.

Side B:
1. FEED BACK - Fuego
  Great, cozy NWOBHM-style HM like an hispanic Bleak House.
2. EPICENTRO - Vivir Sin Tí
  Disappointing, low-tier HR.
3. EPICENTRO - Nunca Te Rindas
  More amateur HR with recycled mom's-garage-riffing, only marginally better than the 1st song.
4. DORSO - Zeus
  A very early recording of this soon-to-be bonkers Prog Thrash cult act. The title and the 8+ minutes playing time couldn't be a more obvious setup for Epicness, though while really great this sounds more like 90's prog-metal Holocaust than Manilla Road.
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