IJmond Pop LP 1982
Label: M & M Produktie #: VR 23003 Country: Holland
Info: Self-produced local effort from 7 bands out of the IJmond region in the Netherlands. 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MAD MILL - Soldiers In Angola
2. DOUBLE USE - Zenuwachtig
  Wavy ska a la Madness.
3. FAKE - Distant Loving
4. LOW - Third World Living
5. PITCHBAND - As A Matter Of Fact
  Melodic rock.
6. NIGHTSHIFT - Fishsticks
  More rock/wave with a ska-beat.
7. OUT OF REACH - At The Heat Of The Night
  Hard Rock with both a TOPT/Gaskin NWOBHM-feel as well as some touches of classic r'n'r.

Side B:
1. MAD MILL - Black Hole
  New wave.
2. DOUBLE USE - Never Give It Up
  Classic rock.
3. FAKE - Running Back
  More classic rock.
4. LOW - Songwriter
5. PITCHBAND - I'm Not The Only One
  Rock ballad.
6. NIGHTSHIFT - Need You So
  Groovy 70's rock.
7. OUT OF REACH - Midnight Walkers
  As before there's a bit of early NWOBHM as well as classic rock and even a vague hint of The Clash'y new wave in this number.
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