If It's Loud, We're Proud MLP 1983
Label: Mausoleum Records #: TEST 128317 Country: Belgium
Info: While it sounds great on 45 as well it's definitely a 33 rpm'er, no matter what the label says.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KILLER - Walls Of Hell
  A medly of the title tracks from their 2 first albums, especially recorded for this sampler. Seminal proto-Speed that everyone should know about.
2. KILLER - Blood On The Chains
  Different from the "Shockwaves" LP version.

Side B:
1. OSTROGOTH - Ecstacy And Danger
  Different from from album version, which I prefer to be honest. This one doesn't have quite the same punch. Brilliant HM classic nevertheless. Later featured as bonus track on the "Full Moon's Eyes/Ecstacy And Danger" reissue CD from 2002.
2. CROSSFIRE - Sound Of War
  Traditional Euro-Power of the sort I never get tired of cheering on. Later featured as bonus on the "Sharpshooter/Live Attack" reissue CD from 2002.
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