Home Spun, Too LP 1979
Label: Village Communications #: 791045 Country: USA
Info: Sequel to the 1978 Home Spun LP from Lexington, KY radio station WKQQ 98.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TANGENT - Got It? Flaunt It!
  Familiar sounding southern boogie rock.
2. WARREN AND DAVIDSON - Looking For The Music
  Folky southern rock.
3. PARADOX - Angel In White
  Boogie rock with occasional moments of heaviness.
4. BRUSHFIRE - Even Tho'
5. JERRY BELSAK - Perfectly Still
6. BLACK WALNUT BOYS - There Goes My Baby
  Country blues.

Side B:
1. RARE SUMMER - New York
  Accessable progressive rock.
2. KROSS - Never Gonna Stop
  Heavy female fronted AOR.
3. TRANCENT - Flight To Uranus
  Good BLUE OYSTER CULT inspired heavy rock.
4. KENT BLAZY - Ready For A Change
  Southern rock.
5. BEAU HADDOCK - A Parting Song
  Folk jazz instrumental.
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