Holland Heavy Metal Vol.2 LP 1982
Label: Universe Productions/
Headbang Records
#: KANT 1/OP 10 Country: Holland
Info: Recorded live in Brouwershoeck according to the sleeve, but it sounds more like a studio recording. Sponsored by Kerrang and Aardschok magazines.
(Vol.1 was incidently a split-LP between SAD IRON and SEDUCER)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SECOND SKIN - Frozen Fingers
  Bland, "feel-good" HR.
2. SECOND SKIN - Hard Working Man
  A great improvement. Faster NWOHM stuff.
3. VORTEX - I Had Enough
  Boogie-HR. The vocalist sound mildly retarded.
4. VORTEX - Gonna Hit You
  Another improvement! Saxon-style NWOHM.
5. VORTEX - She Says
  Back to the boogie, but this is better & heavier. Nice rocker!
6. AZA - Sad
  Pretty wild & raw Heavy rock.

Side B:
1. THE WILD - Night Flyer
  More Saxon-sounding Heavy w/ some 70's J Priest quirks. Pretty darn cool actually!
2. THE WILD - Is Your Loving (just a game)
  Starts slow & schmallady but later grows into quite an epic.
3. THE WILD - Midnight Killer
  Fast Motörhead-style riffing + poor Halford-wannabe vocals = still good.
4. NEXUS - The Ire
  Kinda dark & original Hard Rock/heavy with a sinister Witchfynde-edge. Interesting.
5. NEXUS - Saltation
  Fast rock riffing turning into Steel and ends up sounding like Diamond Head leftovers.
6. AZA - Snowblind Friend
  Laid back heavy rock w/ some wailing guitars.
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