Heavy Metal Sampler LP 1984
Label: Elite Special #: XZLP 5126 Country: Germany
Info: Co-titled and sometimes listed as "Musiker-Initiative Rock e.v. Stuttgart Presents" or "MIR Stuttgart Presents". Includes a two sided insert w/ band info. This is the 2nd complilation released by MIR - the first one was a mixed affair called simply Stuttgart Rock-Sampler, released the year before.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THUNDER - All I Want
  Hard Rock built on a "classic rock" foundation. Lousy way to open a compilation imo.
2. THUNDER - Heavy Metal
  This is more like it. Uptempo Heavy Metal, dumb & unoriginal, but not bad.
3. OVERKILL - Killers In The Dawn
  Accept-like music with a hoarse vocalist sounding absolutely miserable.
4. OVERKILL - Heavy Metal Forces
  More Accepty stuff w/ depressed vocals (which grows on you). Quite the anthem!
5. BEAST OF PREY - Inconsiderate
  Basement-NWOHM-Rock with a Motörhead-edge, both in the music and on the vocals.

Side B:
1. BEAST OF PREY - Three Cheers & A Tiger
  Everyone loves German joke-songs, right? Here's a full 25 seconds of this exquisite art-form.
2. BEAST OF PREY - Death's Motorway
  Fast NWOHM-stuff ruined by lousy drumming & lame vocals.
3. VENGEANCE - No One Is Gonna Change My World
  Feel-good, uptempo Hard Rock. Amateurish without the much needed "amateur charm".
4. VENGEANCE - Vengeance
  More amateurism. Still no charm, but a bit more Metallic.
5. DIVINE VICTIM - Metal Rap
  The root of all evil finally unveiled? No, just more of that Deutsche fun stuff..
6. DIVINE VICTIM - Looser On The Run
  Sloppy attempt at semi-epic songwriting.
7. DIVINE VICTIM - Nightmare
  Melancholic, subpar HR/HM. Disappointing ending to a cool looking album. (Look at those fantastic band logos!)
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