Heavy Metal Made In Italy 1985 LP
Label: Shirak Records #: CHM 8548 Country: Italy
Info: Possibly the best Italian Metal compilation ever in this reviewer's humble opinion.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHINING BLADE - On The Battlefields
  Their cult-status is oh so well deserved. Simply perfect Heavy Metal.
2. IRA - Mr. Mountain
  Very Italian-sounding, original, moodfilled Metal. Luw it! (No relation to some new Italian DM band w/ the same name)
3. JESTER BEAST - Hell's Driver
  Olde Speed a la Exciter!
4. BLACK DEAL - Black Deal
  Great, galopping Metal instrumental in the good ol' Maiden-tradition. Later featured on their "Escape" anthology CD from 2009.

Side B:
1. BLACK EVIL - Hell's Rats
  Simple but effective Heavy/Power(old).
2. ELEKTRADRIVE - Secrets Of The Holy Grave
  Superb Melodic/Epic Metal w/ keys. Different from the LP version of '86.
3. GUNFIRE - Firecult
  Raging olde Speed Metal perfection! Possibly better than any of the songs off their rare MLP.
  Leave it to the complete unknowns to deliver the best song on the album. Fist-in-the-air, Speed/Power glory!
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Submitted by DaN
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