Heavy Metal Eruption LP 1983
Label: Metal Eye #: METAL LP 001 Country: Italy
Info: Gatefold sleeve. Possibly the 1st all-Metal compilation from Italy.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HALLOWEEN - Vikings
  Excellent, galloping Metal! Heavier than their later album.
2. CRYING STEEL - Thunder Gods
  A true Power/proto-Speed gem! Early demo-version.
3. DEATH SS - Black & Violet
  Primitive Doom w/ occult vibes. This recording later turned up on their "Story of Death SS" album from '87.
4. STRANA OFFICINA - Non Sei Normale
  Plain but catchy nwobhm-like Metal/HR. Later featured on the "La Storia 1979-1989" boxed set, released both on LP and CD in 2008.
5. ROLLERBALL - Wild Town
  Delightfully strange & dark yet catchy Metal with killer, demented vocals.

Side B:
1. STEEL CROWN - Prisoners In The Box
  More Power/proto-Speed. Great RAVEN-like stuff.
2. ELEKTRADRIVE - The Lord Of The Ring
  The Great Surprise of the album! Epic Melodic Metal awesomeness. Early demo-version.
3. REVENGE - Angels In Leather
  Basic, anthemic HM. Not as great as their later MLP.
4. SHINING BLADE - Freakish Footsteps
  Great Heavy/Epic semi-ballad.
5. RANSACKERS - Death'line
  Rather amateurish melodic Metal/HR. Not bad though.
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