High Plains Rock Vol. 1 CD 1989
Label: Black Attack Productions #: BLACK101 Country: USA
Info: aor, hard rock and Metal newbies from Kansas and Missouri, compiled and produced by AM radio station Z Rock in Kansas City. Don't know how or if Banzai Records were involved, but their logo did end up on the front sleeve. No further volumes are known.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. CHAMPION - Desire
  We're off to a good start with melodic, gallopy US Power/Heavy. Their level of perkyness almost make them sound like a white metal band.
2. CHAMPION - On Its Way
  'Love' is apparently what's on its way. A sad 180 degree turn into absolutely vile American radio-rock/aor.
3. CHYNA WYTE - She's Not The One
4. CHYNA WYTE - Surrender
  aor tune about surrending your heart to random female.
5. FORSHÉ - Gave You My Heart
  aor tune about giving away your heart to radom female.
6. FORSHÉ - Take A Chance
  More vile aor. Kill me...
7. WHITE LIZE - Thrill Of A Lifetime
  Not quite as sleazy as I expected. Definitely hairy and somewhat mainstream but on the whole solid US Metal with your classic high-pitched vocals and all. Kinda reminds me of Ruffians.
8. WHITE LIZE - Whiskey
  More of a plain in-one-ear-out-the-other hardrocker, though with a slight Street Metal-chug.
9. ATOMIC COCKTAIL - Blackjack Annie
  Sounds like a mom's garage mix of Pearl Jam and Type O Negative. It's not horrible though I don't think Metal is quite what they're aiming for.
10. MONSTER - It's Over
  Funny name for a very slick, commercial hard rock band I must say. The vocals are pure Geoff Tate. Featuring ex-TYRANT'S REIGN drummer Gabriel Anthony
11. MONSTER - No Way Out
  More Metal now. The funky bass lines in the beginning almost ruin it, but when the double bass drum part comes in this proves to be quite classy "Rage.."-era Queensrÿche-worship.
12. KID WICKED - Street Walkin' Gypsy
  Really peculiar, ultra-high (think Demon Flight-level) vocals on top of a reather captivating hard rock tune.
13. KID WICKED - Playin' The Game
  With a less interesting tune to back it up the vocals get plain annoying.
14. CHANNEL ZERO - Little Man, Big Mouth
  Great, catchy chorus to a nice rock song that's a kind of a proto-postMetal/semi-grungey/quasi-alternative sleezoidism (Remember Wildhearts?)
15. CHANNEL ZERO - Animal Attraction
  Here they're just boring 'Sleazy/DC' with fake cowboy boots.
16. MORTAL REIGN - Capital Punishment
  The worldwide scene was absolutely swamped with this brand of powerThrash in the late 80's/early 90's though I'd defintiely place this in the better half of the horde. Reminds me of my old countrymen Mezzrow. But better.
17. MORTAL REIGN - Bring Out Your Dead
  For basically being a straight-up 50/50 mix of Slayer and Metallica, this heavier mid-pace number is surprisingly good. The "aaaaah-aaargh"s in the chorus were a nice touch...
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