Helgdagsrock Åt Far LP 1983
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 024 Country: Sweden
Info: The title is another tired pun, referring to a well known Swedish nursery rhyme and not really worth translating.
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(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ARTUR GALL BAND - Hoppas På Ett Underverk
2. ARTUR GALL BAND - Frusna Drömmar
3. WOLF - Het Kärlek
  Good solid Hard Rock like Purlple meets The Rods. Unfortunately with a very silly pop-chorus.
4. WOLF - Jag Vill Ha Dig
  Boogie-HR with funny lyrics. If you know Swedish that is. Obviously not related to the now-active Swedish Metal band w/ the same name.
5. MANIACS - Ku Klux Klan
  Pretty good, raw punk rock.
6. MANIACS - Carl Frykborn
  Even better of the same.
7. THE COSMOS BAND - Ezalta Zione
  Really cool & original, instrumental "Progressive Metal" - for lack of a better cathegorization. The riffing & guitar tone is definitely too heavy to label them mere 'prog rock'.
  Some truly excellent riffing & rhythms in this more quirky composition.

Side B:
1. WITCH - Evil Night
  Heavy Metal straight from the heart! Simple but with a neat chorus and good guitarwork.
2. WITCH - White Death
  One of the finest Swedish compilation tracks ever. Original, dark and heavy riffing & melodies. Mighty & mysterious, bringing acts like Angel Witch and Cloven Hoof to mind without really sounding like them at all.
3. TNT - Hard Time
  Ultra-minimalist, heavy Hard Rock from junior hightster by the sound of it. More fun than great.
4. TNT - Dirty Lady
  Those who've heard that very first Mithrandir 7" will know what to expect. No relation to the other Swedish TNT who released a 7" around the same time.
5. BULTA BIFF - The Scream Of The Guitars
  Very stale Ramones-like punk/rock.
6. BULTA BIFF - The House (Of The Rising Sun)
  Useless "punk" version.
  Cover of one of Deep Purple's more boogie/trad r'n'r-oriented tracks.
  Better song, but cover bands still blow.
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