The Heavy Touch LP 1985
Label: Power Tower #: TP 16.01 Country: Holland
Info: 6 Dutch demo-level bands compiled, out of which only Angus climbed up from the well of complete obscurity.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LOST GRAVITY - Come Back
  Decent, straightforward pounding Metal with annoying vocals.
2. REVENGE - Loosin' My Mind
  Bland HR/HM with nasal, almost AxlRose'y vocals.
3. VULTURE - Vulture
  Starts out with some rad satanic growlings a la Future Tense and then continues in a Speedy EuroMetal-style akin to Mercyful Fate or Sad Iron. Good stuff for us uncritical fans of this nongenre.
4. ANGUS - Lonesome Fighter
  Great uptempo Metal of the J Priest-school, though not as fast as on their debut LP. Later featured on the "Metal Warriors" early recordings LP from 2002.
5. SCARFACE - Evil Destruction
  Not too evil or destructive but excellent galloping NWOBHM-style Metal like Bleak House, Dragonslayer, Satan etc..
6. WIZZARD - Wargames
  The attempted copying of King Diamond from the vocalist makes for a comical effect and instead ends up sounding a whole lot like Mark Bradley of Hyksos. Other than that it's superb gallop-Metal all the way.

Side B:
1. VULTURE - Slough Of Despond
  Heavy, stomping Steel that might be a bit wobbly but still gives you a good fill.
2. LOST GRAVITY - Dirty Lies
  Good'n'fast J-Priesty Heavy Metal.
3. REVENGE - To Survive
  Hopeless, generic Hard Rock.
4. WIZZARD - Bound To Fall
  Epic semi-ballad standard a la "Children Of The Damned", though very likeable and the vocals are slightly less corny than on their 1st offering.
5. SCARFACE - The Eagle Has Landed
  Yep, we'll have to dub 'em Best Band On Comp methinks. Though not too original this is mighty fine, fist-held-high Heavy Metal
6. ANGUS - Aliens
  The clumsy rhythmsection kinda drags them down here, but the vocals and songwriting make up for it. Very close to Running Wild-greatness. Later featured on the "Metal Warriors" early recordings LP from 2002.
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