Heavy Rendezvous LP 1988
Label: LM Records #: LM 014 Country: Italy
Info: Another high quality compilation of Italian metal. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with the lyrics printed inside.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NAPALM - The Metal Is Strong
  Following a goofy Monty Python-esque introduction, we get some decent thrash metal with a bit of a DEAD KENNEDYS influence.
2. DRUNKARDS - Trooper Of Death
  Speed/thrash that sounds like SENTINEL BEAST but with a male singer.
3. ADRAMELCH - Adramelch
  A worthy anthem for these legends of epic power metal.
4. MOON OF STEEL - Spanish Lady
  Early, less polished version of Spanish Flame from their LP. Musically excellent progressive metal with the obligatory Geoff Tate style vocals being the only weak point.

Side B:
1. CREEPIN DEATH - Anguish
  Metal Blade style speed/thrash. Formerly known as BLACK EVIL (who appeared on the Heavy Metal Made In Italy compilation LP).
2. MASTERSTROKE - Lord Of Life
  Speed metal with ridiculous high pitched warbly vocals. Actually pretty good when they decide to slow things down a bit. Drummer Mimmo Palmiotta would go on to DEATH SS and then DOMINE (future DOMINE guitarist Enrico Paoli was not yet in the band at the time of this recording).
3. M.A.C.E. - Evil Shot
  This one reminds me of SODOM covering TANK.
4. BLACKBURN - Free Existentialism
  Ballad that wouldn't be too bad if it were about half as long. They later changed their name to WREST.
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