Heavy Metal & Live LP 1981
Label: Poko Records #: PÄLP 23 Country: Finland
Info: One of the earliest self-proclaimed Heavy Metal-compilations made outside of the UK, recorded live as the title implies. Musically it's a borderline 70's Heavy Rock-affair, but I think the intent & spirit keeps them out of the Mixed-list.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RIFF RAFF - I'll Be Gone
  An upbeat, classic rocker. The live recording makes it a wee rougher & heavier than average. They went on to greater things later..
2. FREEZER - Jane Jane
  Opens up with a heavy NWOHM-guitar attack, but the rest of the song is rather plain, melodic heavy rock.
3. FRANK BADERS - Frank Baders Rule O.K.
  Motörhead-style, raw & fast Hard Rock.
4. BOULDER - Tomorrow's Allright
  Good UFO-meets-Lizzy-style Hard Rock.
5. HARD ROCK SALLINEN - Let's Make Love
  Superb, powerful & heavy HR. Raw & catchy stuff that's probably a deadringer for some classic 70's band I'm not too familiar with.

Side B:
  Solid boogie-style Heavy Rock, crunchy & heavy enough to sort of belong in the NWOHM-niche I guess..
2. RIFF RAFF - Rock'n'Roll Star
  Deep Purple on speed, to put it simple. Good'n'Heavy stuff.
3. FREEZER - Rainbow Song
  Crap poppy rock with awful vocals.
4. BOULDER - Have You Been There
  70's heaviness meets 60's garage/psych on the vocals & guitar melodies. Really good but probably not "Metal" in any shape or form.
5. FRANK BADERS - A Coward
  More of that good'n'catchy proto-NWOHM built on a R'n'R foundation.
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