Heavy Metal Force V DLP 1988
Label: Rock House Explosion Records #: EXP-HM291037 Country: Japan
Info: The last, stupendously underwhelming volume in the series, at least on vinyl. 3 cassettes were also produced in the year to come, as well as a VHS sampler. Includes 4-sided folder insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GROOVY HEELS - Too Wild To F..C
  While they can't seem to spell "fuck" properly they at least churn out some decent, hi-energy boogie-HR a la AC/DC.
2. L.A. LADY - One Night Lover
  Punk rock.
3. SHARA - Drunker
  Kinda sleazy but closer to classic rock than the harder dito.
4. BLUE HALLOWEEN - Making Love To You
  All-girl act presenting an LA-Party-Sleaze number sounding like "Girls, Girls, Girls" leftovers.

Side B:
1. YUSEI - Insomnia
  Soft & misplaced prog rock of the very 80's variety.
2. A.S.H. - Sold Dream
  Weirdness & annoying vocals aside the first Metallic contribution of the album, best described as a schizo mix of TABBASA and THE KINGDOM.
3. NO'S - You're Livin' My Heart With The Eneg
  What the f..c is an 'Eneg'? Oh, apparently it's Energy. Latter-day Van Halen-style dreck.
4. MARYU - Steeler
  Looking beyond the jangly live performance and vocals we find a pretty good Power/Heavy tune in the OMEN/SATAN school.

Side C:
1. ROUGH MIXX - A Game Of Chance
  Hard Rock'n Roll with a sleazy Dio singing.
2. POLONAISE - Night Child
  Another real Metal song, this time sounding like a more street-metal ARMORED SAINT (..or even Metal Church at its best moments)
3. PASSION ROSE - You Can't Fall In Love
  Base, chugging but energetic NWOHM that's at least heavier than you'd think when looking at the band pic..
4. THE FINAL - Heavy Rain
  Decent type-A Melodic Jpn Metal like SABER TIGER, EX.DANGER, WOLF etc..

Side D:
1. PRINCE OF WALES - Soccer Song
  It starts off nice enough with some powerful riffing, but all the hope built up by the British-sounding band name and NWOBHM-looking band pic are blown to kingdome come once the batshit insane vocalist enters the picture.
2. HANEY-BEE - Gonna Attack
  Almost great, powerful & pounding HM like classic BLITZKRIEG or SOLDIER.
3. HINOTORI - Rock'n Roll Power
  Shock! Despite looking absolutely ridiculous this is actually top-notch, fast'n catchy NWOBHM-style Metal with fem vox. Best song on comp by zero competition.
4. TOYA - Emergency
  Sort of US-sounding Metalrock, but in a boring and mainstream way. Some of the guitars has this annoying alternative twang about them.

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