Heavy Metal Force IV LP 1987
Label: Rock House Explosion #: EXP-HM283025 Country: Japan
Info: Recorded live at the Rock House Explosion club in january, 1987. Includes large 8-page folder with band pics, art etc, of which I've only bothered to scan the Bellzlleb-page so far..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HERCURY - You're So Bad
  Uncatchy sleaze metal with out-of-tune vocals. Double-yuch!
2. ACE - Body Feeling
  Laid-back melodic hard rock.
3. SLENDER - Loving You
  Totally unnecessary Happy Hard Rock. Please stop!
4. IMPACT - Black Mail
  Finally something at least resembling Metal! ...though of the generic, rockier kind. Uptempo & honest, but forgettable.
5. BELFAST - Movin' Out
  Leave it to the Japs to churn out "NWOBHM-retro" already back in '87. Sounds like TOPT or some early SAXON-filler, i.e. from the more Hard Rock/boogie end of the stick.
6. BELLZLLEB - From The Darkside
  The main reason I picked up this LP. Totally unique, haunting & twisted Satanic Doom Metal w/ female vocals. Not the easiest bunch of the genre to get into for sure, where Paul Chain Violet Theatre would be the closest comparison - here with some SAINT VITUS-like riffing added.

Side B:
1. BELFAST - Killing Machine
  Continues in the same NWOBHM-worshipping style as their last song, though faster and even more SAXON-sounding this time around.
2. SLENDER - Lonely Lady
  This NWOBHM-thing seem to have cathed on. Thanfully very different from their A-side effort this is yet another fast SAXON/TOPT-affair. Nothing that'll stick in your head after 1st play, but kudos for trying guys.
3. ACE - Indignation
  This was a cool surprise. Could be described as "groovy" I guess, but not at all of the annoying kind. Original HardRockMetal full of hooks.
4. HERCURY - Hold Me Touch Me
  Consistently redundant sleeze metal/hr.
5. IMPACT - Dead Or Alive
  The most trad-Metal-sounding tune on the album. Heavy, chugging riffs in the Priest/Accept-tradition.
6. BELLZLLEB - Uragiri
  Even slower, more abrasive and Paul Chain-sounding than their 1st offering. If it hadn't been Doom Metal I'd almost dub it a semi-ballad.
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