Heavy Metal Force III LP 1985
Label: Rock House Explosion #: EXP-HM282 Country: Japan
Info: The third (and heaviest) part of this series of live recordings from the Rock House Explosion club in Tokyo. A couple of songs sound like they could be studio versions, but I don't have the facts since no recording info is featured on the sleeve..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CASBAH - Discharge
  Good, rumbling Metal-Thrash in the vein of Razor or Venom. Later featured on the "Russian Roulette: No Posers Allowed 1985-1994" 2CD from 2005.
2. JURASSIC JADE - I Was Born To Thrash
  Simplified type-A Speed/Thrash with female vocals.
3. X - Break The Darkness
  Real cool and rather original fast Metal with a funny drum-technique.
4. SABER TIGER - Vampire
  A classy Maiden-influenced number from 'the other' Saber Tiger (later Saver Tiger) featuring Hide from X-Japan - i.e. not the "Crush & Dush" guys.
5. MEPHISTOPHELES - You Keep On Driving
  80's Priest-style standard with hoarse vocals.
6. JURASSIC JADE - Ryuketsu Ningyo
  A slow mid-pace tune with hardly a single riff or harmony to keep ones ears awake.

Side B:
1. RUDE SEDUCER - Live & Let Die
  Fast HM/Power with good intentions, but the muffled mix weakens it.
2. JEWEL - Want You
  Uptempo rocking HM with rather downtuned guitars, bringing a number of old NWOAHM classics/obscurities to mind.
3. JACKAL - Madman
  A very NWOBHM-influenced tune along the lines of SAVAGE, SWEET SAVAGE, JAGUAR etc.
4. SQWIER - I'm Crazy Boy
  Demo/garage band-sounding upbeat HM solidness.
5. APPEAL! - Anymore
  Catchy & enjoyable fast boogie-style HR with trademark, high Japanese vocals.
6. OFFENDER - Get It Out
  Yet another competent but completely anonymous LOUDNESS-wannabe contribution.
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