Heavy Metal Force II LP 1985
Label: Rock House Explosion #: EXP-HM-281 Country: Japan
Info: Recorded live at the Rock House Explosion club in Tokyo. One of the weakest volumes of an already weak and disappointing series imho..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. JESUS - F# Blues
  Totally pointless 1-minute blues-rock jam.
2. JESUS - Shadow Of Heart
  They just don't live up to the supercool/awful band name - this is just plainer-than-plain solo-guitar-oriented Hard Rock.
3. ABUSE - Mr. Laurence
  Another Hard Rock standard in the vein of early Whitesnake or Y&T.
4. ZODIAC - Revolution
  Zodiac are bigger than Jesus (...though they definitely fall short of The Beatles). Decent, Americanized riff-HR.

Side B:
1. ZODIAC - Hold On
  Despite an OK lead riff this sounds like a rejected filler off some Euro Ebony- or Mausoleum release. Uninspiring.
2. IMPULSE - Let's Go
  Quite ballsy "NWOAHM"-style Hard Rock that would have fit in well on an early US Metal comp.
3. BELLADONNA - Dig Your Brains Out
  Lead/Gold-heavy-as-crap Japan Metal Krazyness! Whipes the floor with the rest of the featured acts to the tune of Black Flag/Sabbath riffs, sleaze-prog-breaks and other such delightful nonsense.
4. BELLADONNA - Decadence
  Imagine later-year GISM or DOOM(jpn) playing CANDLEMASS or CIRITH UNGOL and ...it won't sound nothing like this at all to be honest. Still BELLADONNA could be one of 80's Japan's Greatest Hidden Secrets. NOTE that this or either their track on the Go To Eat - Metal Dom comp is mislabled - these tracks are 2 completely different compositions.
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