Heavy Metal Force LP 1984
Label: Rock House Explosion #: EXP-HM252 Country: Japan
Info: First volume of five in this classic Nippon-Metal series. Came in a wooden box sleeve ltd. to 2000 copies. Includes insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ANTHEM - Warning Action
  Classic, speedy Priest/Accept-opener with classic, wailing Japanese vocals. Different to s/t LP version and later featured on the "Official Bootleg" 2CD from 2005.
2. VEIL - B.C. Street
  Groovy, rockin' NWOHM lacking in identity but not really needing it.
3. MEDUSA - Rock Tonight
  A muddled but still sort of neat guitarsound makes this uptempo metalrocker the best one yet. Sounds quite American.
4. SNIPER - Crazy Drug
  A bit more melodic and simple NWOBHM-style affair. Nothing too exciting.

Side B:
1. 12 HITOE - Loving Woman
  Maiden-guitars and rumbling drums always makes for a good combination. Good anthemic Metal.
2. BRODY - Street Rowdy
  Motörhead-Ac/Dc style heavy rocker with hilarious screaming/yelping vocals bound to make you lol. Musically not bad for what it is I guess..
3. SABBRABELLS - Rurudo No Izumi
  A heavy & epic 9 min+ semi-ballad that despite some good riffs comes off as a bit overdramatic. Less ballad more semi, please. Later featured on the 2009 CD reissue of their s/t LP.
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