Heavy Metal Battle LP 1989
Label: Breakin' Records #: 38902 Country: Austria
Info: Recorded live at the Heavy Metal Battle festival in october 1988, with some added overdubs admitted on the back sleeve. A dated disappointment any way you look at it, considering the cool front sleeve and year of release. Includes 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SEXTIGER - Mad As Hell
  With a band name like that you'd either expect something comically awful or kültically awsome, not this middle-of-the-road, feel-good Hard Rock-stock.
2. SABOTAGE - Get Away
  Pounding, Germano-style Hard'n'Heavy Rock standard like some lesser Bonebreaker / Earthshaker / GaMa records artist.
3. SABOTAGE - Come On
  More groove, less Germany, quite catchy too.. like a more NWOHMy Whitesnake?
4. SABOTAGE - You Are Crazy
  Power ballad.
5. RANDY SKUNK - Rock'n Roll Is On The Street
  Yup, that corny. But in a mildly comical & entertaining way a la early Mass.
  Knowing this to be the heaviest band included I had some hopes up, but this is just terribly generic lesser-copy-of-a-lesser-Accept-copy (think Atlain minus the Cool) Power Metal with subpar vocals.

Side B:
1. BE COOL - We Rock
  Accept meets americanized Street Metal.
2. BE COOL - Missin' You
  More ho-hum heavy rock fare, but the chorus is nice.
3. BE COOL - Untergang
  Huh.. so the German vocals contribution turned out to be the heaviest. A decent NWOBHM-meets-Judas Priest style number.
4. OBSERVER - Shoot 'em Down
  Not that far off stylewise from the Twisted Sister namesake but with more of The Boogie.
5. OBSERVER - Observer
  It doesn't seem to be any limit to the amount of generic, forgettable, dated 'Heavy Rock' that you can squeeze into one single LP and still fly the 'Heavy Metal' flag.
6. OBSERVER - Outside The Law
  I guess at least fans of the Swedish BULLET will love this...
7. EXHIBITION - In My Life
  Happy pop-HR.
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