Hard-Rock Rendez-Vous LP 1989
Label: Vogue #: 506214 Country: France
Info: Comes in a gatefold sleeve with poster insert. Also released on cassette and CD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NINA SCOTT - No Easy Way Out
  AOR from the former singer for LAWLESSNESS and KLAXON, with PATRICK RONDAT's band as backup. Also released as a split single with PATRICK RONDAT.
2. SQUEALER - Saturday Night
  Excellent ACCEPT metal made more melodic with keys and backing vocals from NINA SCOTT.
3. SHINE - I'm On The Run Tonight
  Very good melodic metal, a bit like WHITE LION's debut.
4. SWEET LIPS - Lady Killer
  Better than average L.A. style melodic metal.
5. FIREFOX - Take The Power
  Great face-paced power metal with a commercial edge.

Side B:
1. BLACKWHITE - We Live To Rock
  Well done DIO metal with higher vocals, sort of like ROUGH CUTT. Features former HIGHLAND QUEEN guitarist Fabrice Kreicher.
2. PATRICK RONDAT - French Message
  YNGWIE MALMSTEEN style instrumental. A little pretentious but not bad. Also released as a split single with NINA SCOTT.
3. COUGAR - Radio Rock
  Aptly titled AOR/hard rock.
4. JUMPER LACE - After Me The Deluge
  Formerly called VIXEN, these guys play killer power metal with unique vocals and lots of noodly guitars.
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